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You are all about complementary medicine. My compliments to you!

As we head into the new year, 2007, which brings us near our one year anniversary as doctor and patient, I thought this a good time to say, Thank YOU!
As you know, I came to you as a patient struggling against the standard mainstream, western medical concepts. My body was already chemically injured -- something I track back to a refinery problem in 1943, when I was age five. What had been manageable chemical-induced asthma attacks since then, went into full-fledged MCS (undiagnosed), starting in the late 1970s and throughout the '80s and 90's, as I encountered increasing numbers of fragrance and pesticide toxins in my former workplace. By March 1992, I was diagnosed: MCS. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. The disability that cannot say its name out loud.
Despite chemical injury, I've done well through the years. I had all three babies via natural childbirth, and I nursed them. I avoided pharmaceuticals and most "modern" products as much as possible in my earlier years.
But, I returned to work in the late 1970s. While I tried to claim a right to breathe cleaner air, I was overshadowed by fragrance-wearing and using management. Then in the 1990s, during the worst of my MCS, my body had decided adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals. I soon learned such products were also petrochemically derived. I retired in fall 1998 and began trying to heal through continuing chiropractic and acupuncture. I was actually much improved by January 2005.
The end of July 2005, I was told I'd be on dialysis or dead by end of July 2006. A routine blood test, requested by my internist -- ever watchful over my body -- detected stage four kidney disease. I've since moved into stage five. Supposedly the final chapter.
Last February, I met you. You gave me the encouragement to try maintaining what little kidney function I had left. You suggested methods to perhaps improve my kidney function while not further poisoning my kidneys. December 2006 showed some improvement in kidney and blood numbers. What will January bring?
Nephrologists, on the other hand, had made sure that I understood that one only got worse. Every question I tried to ask was responded to with a NO! NO! NO! PROGRESSION! PROGRESSION! PROGRESSION! Maybe he felt that if he said it often enough, strongly enough, I'd "get it."
And, for my money, he and the three other nephrologists I've seen don't "get it" about MCS.
I was told flat out that there was no other way than to give me drugs . . . and dialysis and transplants. In fact, one told me he couldn't help me if I wouldn't take his prescribed drugs. That's how he was trained. I'm sure that is how he was trained, but that also might explain why it was so clearly felt that by now I'd be on dialysis or dead. Neither of which has yet to happen.
Why give drugs to a body that already has had adverse reactions to drugs? Why give drugs to be processed by kidneys that are already suffering from excessive toxins? Their answers were: Drugs, whether my body really needed them or not.
Drugs like those for high blood pressure medication, despite the fact that I tend to have spikes in BP only when inhaling the perfumes and fragrances used by others. Drugs such as diuretics, even though I do not yet have edema. Drugs like steroids, despite the fact that that was already tried back in the days of severe lung impairments from fragrance products used by others . . . and I suffered adverse reactions to the steroids on top of my already having had adverse reactions to petrochemically derived fragrances.
Dr. Lopez to the rescue. Rescue of mind over matter. Rescue from matter over mind . . . and body. And, you've supported me in my quest for other complementary care. That of acupuncturists, chiropractor and a Taoist healer who rolls jade balls along acupuncture meridians and points.
Now how did you begin working your magic? For that's how my health seems to be viewed: Magical.
Well, for the assist needed in controlling blood pressure -- because it is part of kidney disease, but also for me, impossible to avoid all the scented products used by all the other people around me -- you suggested Fish Peptides, a natural ace inhibitor. No adverse reactions and blood pressure most often not above the 140s over 80s. True, lower blood pressure is the ideal, but frankly, I'm happy with the highs generally of 140 and my new lows from time to time being as low as 117/67 -- or more often 130 something over 70 or 80 something.
My research indicates that standard BP medicines often have 140 as a goal. What's more, speaking of BP drugs, you showed me that a particular drug recommended for me by a nephrologist was one that was to be avoided for a person diagnosed with possible kidney stenosis -- my diagnosis. Who knows what harm your vigilance saved me??
Diuretics? Still don't need them. I am so pleased you do not just simply prescribe them because that's the prescribed way of treating kidney disease. The nephrologists did.
Then there's the check of the growth hormone level, and the Young Living Ultra spray that has improved those numbers. Also you gave me the prescription for glutahione, specially compounded, to assist liver and kidneys. Further, you not only gave me the suggestion for getting a far infrared sauna, but then found and recommended one affordable for us.
The icing on the cake is the twice-weekly hyperbaric oxygen therapy. While I don't come out of those sessions feeling as though I'm bursting with energy, as others report, I still have far more energy overall than anyone can imagine, considering my numbers for age, kidney disease, anemia. Anemia is a partner of kidney disease, just as is high blood pressure, but so far, I've not felt the effects of anemia.
To me, thanks to your help, it's all just a bunch of bad lab values, but life rolls on. Merrily.
As of January 15, 2007, the facts are that 1) I'm still alive, 2) I'm not yet on dialysis, 3) no one can believe that I can do as much as I do with the numbers I've got, 4) I've had a wonderful holiday with 2/3 of my family, and 5) my husband and I are looking forward to our 50th anniversary this coming spring.
I've been making a diary for others to view, which is available through the website of the Environmental Health Network -- Hopefully, other chemically injured people who have been diagnosed with renal disease will be able to gather some hope from it.
I'm not saying my way is the only way . . . but I do say my way proves that mainstream nephrologists' ways are also not the "only way." But, so far, with you taking this journey with my husband and me, "my way" has proved to be THE way for my family and me.
You are all about complementary medicine. My compliments to you.

Barbara Wilkie