Business Address

  • Dr. Joel Lopez, MD, CNS, Diplomate, ABAARM
    San Francisco, California
    415-566-1290 and 415-800-3643

Best doctor anywhere!

Dr. Lopez and his staff are the most caring people I know of working in the medical field. I looked for a doctor that cared about how I felt and did not just say "Oh well, you are a 50 year old woman, you know". Together, Dr. Lopez and I worked on my "out of balance" issues and have solved them all. He is even supporting me in losing weight. He did not say "you are fat, lose weight", but instead gave me ideas and possibilities to try and we found one that suited me. Now, I am finally losing weight quite easily. I think everyone should go see him. He treats my whole family and what a difference he has made!

Wendy Arnold