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  • Dr. Joel Lopez, MD, CNS, Diplomate, ABAARM
    San Francisco, California
    415-566-1290 and 415-800-3643

Dr. Lopez helped my hair grow back.....

When I began to lose my hair a few years ago, I made appointments with my regular doctor and with a dermatologist. They had no idea how to help me. When I lost enough hair that I could see my scalp, a friend from Los Angeles suggested that I see an integrative medicine doctor. Any docotr can say he's an integrative medicine doctor, but that doesn't mean he has had any special training or knows any more than a regular doctor, so I called World Health in Chicago (I think that was the name). Without even having to look up his name, they referred me to Joel Lopez as if everyone knows about Joel Lopez. At the first appointment, I told Dr. Lopez that I was losing hair by the handful and asked if he could help me. He told me that there are a number of causes that contribute to hair loss, and he has addressed them all. Not only have I stopped losing hair, but the hair I had already lost came back! Even better, other health issues I hadn't even mentioned to Dr. Lopez cleared up. I had a fungal infection on a toenail that refused to respond to treatment, even oral Lamisil. Nothing worked. I also had an unusual from of rosacea on my face that I controlled with steroid cream. At the same time, my hair stopped falling out, my toenail healed and so did the rosacea. I would guess that my organs look better, but I can't see them. I highly recommend Dr. Lopez, especially to women who suffer from hair loss like I used to.

Janet Locke