Business Address

  • Dr. Joel Lopez, MD, CNS, Diplomate, ABAARM
    San Francisco, California
    415-566-1290 and 415-800-3643

Empowering and Proactive Healthcare for Better Living

I first went to Dr. Lopez to get "cleaned" of my mercury buildup. As a result of those initial screenings, I then became aware of hormonal, vitamin, and mineral deficiencies. I'm therefore taking better care of myself. Dr. Lopez is articulate, compassionate, and cutting-edge when it comes to the knowledge of the body, it's inter-workings and how one might "adjust" to better provide for oneself. With him, I feel that "we" are on a path of enlightenment, opening and discovering, and then allowing me to take appropriate actions. Quick fix is not a part of his lexicon. Everything is done for the "long haul". I always get good explanations to my questions and particularly appreciate the depth that he goes to in explaining/interpreting the results of my periodic screenings. His staff is delightful, energized, engaging, and supporting.

Toby Meyer