Business Address

  • Dr. Joel Lopez, MD, CNS, Diplomate, ABAARM
    San Francisco, California
    415-566-1290 and 415-800-3643

The way healthcare should be!

I first visited Dr. Lopez three years ago because I wanted to optimize my health and because I was in my late forties, I wanted to get a good hormone assessment and learn more about bio-identical hormone options for perimenopause. When I complained about some symptoms to my gynecologist, she threw a birth control prescription at me. Not helpful! Dr. Lopez's evaluations are very thorough; if you're used to an internist spending 60 seconds asking the most cursory questions about how you are, you'll be blown away by what it's like when a doctor asks a lot of questions and really listens to the answers. One of the best things about my "journey to wellness" is that it has, indeed, been a "journey", Dr. Lopez understands the practicalities of our daily lives and encourages making healthful changes in "baby steps" so that these changes can be sustained. For me, this has resulted in taking positive steps for my health that I have never abandoned. He is open-minded, keeps up on the latest studies, and totally gets the mind-body connection.

B. Cassidy